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Top 10 Reasons To Have A Website
  1. To establish your Internet presence

    The fact that seventeen million Canadians have household access to the Internet makes it the first reason for your business to have a website. Be a part of the Internet community and enjoys its benefits!

  2. To advertise your business
    Think of your business website as an online brochure. What makes it different from the traditional print brochure is that your existing and potential customers can access it anytime and anywhere. For individuals with a busy career or lifestyle, this provides a perfect solution!

  3. To save on advertising costs
    Having a well-designed business website advertise the business itself is very effective, and it is far more economical than placing ads on billboards, TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, telemarketing, etc. The only major cost involved is the website development cost, and it is one-time. Updating and maintenance costs are minimal comparing to other recurring advertising costs.

  4. To save the environment
    Wouldn't you like to be a little bit more environmental friendly to our Earth? With your business website, you may not need to print as many brochures, flyers, etc. as you had before. The amount of paper may be equivalent to a few trees, but it does count!

  5. To make changes quickly
    Again, think of your business website as an online brochure. It is distinct from the print brochure in that changes can be made and mistakes can be corrected almost instantaneously, at little or no cost at all. With your website, your existing and potential customers can get the latest updates on your new arrivals, specials, prices, etc. on a daily or weekly basis.

  6. To enhance your customer service
    As mentioned in reason #2, a business website would be of great assistance for individuals who are leading a busy lifestyle; with a few mouse clicks, they can get access to information regarding your store hours, your products, pricing, et. Furthermore, people who are regular e-mail users would appreciate it if they can send e-mail asking questions via your website.

  7. To protect your local market
    Under the impact of globalization, there is a great chance that your existing and potential local customers go online and purchase goods/services (that your business specializes in) from other businesses. By having a website, your local market can be protected!

  8. To reach a specialized market
    If your business is specialized (ie. it concentrates on a distinct area, for example, mountain bikes, custom woodworking, dance/music lessons, law, real estate, etc.), then having a business website is a great way to exhibit your professionalism in your area of expertise.

  9. To stay competitive
    Do you know that now at least 60% of Canadian companies have a Web presence? Your competitors may have already been in that sixty percent. If they have not had a website, chances are they may not be very happy to know that you have one!

  10. To sell online
    For many small to medium-sized businesses, being able to sell their products/services through their business website is not a necessity. However, with the rapidly-increasing number of Internet users conducting business online, businesses may have to eventually consider this avenue!

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